Help Me Read This

The medium is the message

BRAND Children Of The World / MADE BY Contract Advertising India

Children of the World created a classic piece of advertising that Marshall McLuhan would have been proud of – the medium in this case, really is the message. With the insight that many street children in India who sell newspapers and magazines on street corners are illiterate, Children of the World played on that sad irony.

Tear off, self-stamped envelopes were attached to each magazine with the simple message: Help me read this. This campaign tugs on those heartstrings and doesn’t let go, all for a good cause. By encouraging people to give of their own time to help those in need, this succeeds at every level. When consumers give of their time to collaborate with a brand or a cause such as this, someone is doing something right.


The results of this campaign showed how powerful the communication was: Over 300 children were sponsored (a number much higher than results in previous years). On top of that, Children of the World was also able to set up makeshift schools across the city and received many call-ins about the program. Many of those people then became volunteers for the program.




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