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Engage a global community of advertising & sustainability professionals with a passion for making a difference. Your support is vital for our future survival and our continuous effort to fulfill our mission of sharing communication solutions for good and in doing so, accelerating innovation and ultimately doing greater good for people, the planet and business.

Our audience, our movement

Goodvertising is a growing, vibrant movement of professionals wanting to charter a difference path for advertising and our target audience consists of a diverse range of intelligent, opinionated people working within communication, branding and corporate social responsibility. Whether you work for a governmental agency, advertising, branding or media agency, corporation, foundation, non-profit, charity or you are a corporate social responsibility professional – this website is for you.

Honesty make us sleep at night

We only feature ads that are in line with Goodvertising and are not harmful to people or the planet. We only support and showcase advertising that is decent, honest, truthful, responsible and legal. It’s the only way we know how to do business. And it means we can sleep soundly at night.

For further guidelines, please take a look at the ICC guidelines on Responsible Communication and its section on environmental claims. For our most up to date media profile and prices, please contact us.

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